Hoses and industrial tubing parts – Individually compyling with standards

Our hoses are characterised by resistance against high pressure, negative pressure, high temperatures and substances. In addition to this our range of products includes rubber of various qualities and colours. The hoses fulfil all national and international standards as well as each individual customer specification. If required the products are also suitable for use within the food industry.


Bridge Drainage Hoses
with a diameter of up to 1.5 m and a maximum length of 2.5 m

Flexible Hoses
available in positive and negative pressure ranges with considerable axial and lateral movement

Industrial Hoses
all types and according to customer requirements for all industrial fields

Power Sweeper Hoses
up to a maximum length of 2,500 mm standard length, longer on request

Pump Hoses
dimensions ranging from 15 – 100 mm

Pinch Valve Hoses
dimension ranging from 10 – 250 mm with and without a flange

Hose Sleeves
all types and sizes